About Us


Kyokutoh Co., Ltd. was established in 1953, manufacturing arc welding tips and nozzles. Since its beginning, we have been an integral piece of the automobile industry.

In 1985, Kyokutoh introduced their first automated electric tip dresser to the market. Over the decades of competitive market pressures, automakers have adopted automation technology redesigning automobile assembly plants. This constant development through innovation has directed us to become an adaptable rational enterprise, providing the means to overcome the challenges of our automobile industry.

As the industry has faced a new era of globalization, Kyokutoh recognized the need of expanding overseas. Established in 2001 as Kyokutoh's North American division, Changer & Dresser Corp. has built a strong network with various partners in the US. Backed by the recognition of solid performance, quality, and service, C&D has become one of the premier leaders in tip dressing and tip changing technologies.

Kyokutoh's presence has become increasingly global, with branches established in South Korea, China and beyond. This makes C&D capable of providing the market with economical high-performance products.

New technological developments will lead to unique and innovative designs of our future products. While the new frontier of the automobile industry will raise challenges whether economical, environmental or technological, C&D is determined to continue providing the superior quality and service as an industry leading company.





Address  1527 ITC Way, Anniston, AL 36207

TEL  (256) 832-4392

FAX  (256) 832-4393

Established   9/1/2001

Capital   $200,000.00